• During arrival and dismissal, parents must remain at least 2 meters apart in distance.

  • If possible, registration will take place outside.

  • The French Camp staff can counter sign the children in and out with parents’ permission.

    Children and Staff

  • On arrival The French Camp staff will take all the children’s temperature.
  • On arrival all children will be asked to wash their hands.
  • On arrival all staff will sanitize their hands.

  • Staff and Children will sanitize their hands before and after every session.

  • Children will remain within their groups and bubbles at all times including lunchtime.

  • Staff will reinforce site rules agreement daily, by communicating with children especially regarding their “personal bubble”.

  • The French Camp will provide hand sanitizer where possible.

  • The French Camp staff will try to ensure that physical contact children is kept to a minimum.

  • The French Camp staff will continue to promote key messages of hygiene and well-being as per government guidelines.

  • No hand shaking, high 5’s or holding hands.


  • The French Camp team will clean resources/equipment after use.

  • Outdoor activities as much as possible.

  • Sitting activities and circle activities will be delivered in large areas.

  • Team games where appropriate.

  • Avoid adventure playgrounds as advised by the government.